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Let me tell you what Chewbacca means to me

It was the Summer of 1978 at Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City South Dakota, I was at the BX with my mom picking out Star Wars figures I wanted for Christmas for lay-away, yes lay-away. Though Star Wars released in 1977, it wasn’t until next year the toys were available. I picked Darth Vader, Walrus Man, Greedo, Jawa, and Chewy.

My mom asked was surprised and wanted to know why I didn’t want any human characters and I said, “No”. I wanted all the monsters. Star Wars was at it’s hype with “A New Hope” and not so mentioned “Star Wars Holiday Special”. As a child I loved it and it has become annual tradition in viewing at Christmas time when we watch “Emmit the Otter” and “Star Wars Holiday Special.”

What I loved about Chewy was his loyalty, how he would make his way out of a situation no matter what. He was tough, but also knew to stay away from danger. When Han Solo recklessly ran after Stormtroopers on the Death Star, Chewy thought his buddy was done, you could tell from his body language he thought Han was over for and luckily Han made it out of the hail-fire of Stormtrooper laser blasts.

In The Empire Strikes Back (The Best Star Wars Movie Ever) there was so may things that expanded upon his character. His turmoil knowing Han and Luke were lost in the frozen planet of Hoth. He tried to focus on fixing the Millennium Falcon but grew more frustrated with it constantly breaking down. When he hugged Luke before the Empire attack on Hoth, it showed his love extended beyond Han. It broke my heart when he saw Han Solo frozen in carbonite, his screams, his howls drew so much emotion. He got pissed with Lando because the hyper drive was not fixed and the betrayal.

When Han was finally released from the carbonite and reunited with Han in Return of the Jedi, it showed how much he missed his buddy in the pits of Jabba the Hutt’s prison showed love has now boundaries. One of my favorite scenes from was on Endor when a Biker Scout tried to escape on a Speeder Bike, Chewy shouldered his bow-caster and with the up most precision that would make a scout-sniper proud, annihilated the Biker Scout. What a great f’ing shot!!!

That part that get me most emotional about Chewy was in the The Force Awakens, when Kylo killed Han, his father, Chewy screamed out in a howl and shot that POS-Nephew of his and landed a great shot on his hip. I screamed in the theater, “‘F’ him up Chewy!!” I was so pissed at Kylo for taking out his father. I can’t wait to see Rey mess him up in Rise of Skywalker. FU Kylo Ren.

I met Peter Mayhew in 1996, I’ll be straight, I wasn’t impressed with him as a person, but as an actor, he played Chewbacca in episodes, 4,5,6,3, and 7 and that what matters to me. I love Chewy so much. Peter delivered this loving, loyal, strong character. Joonas Suotamo is now Chewbacca and played the character with the coaching of Mr. Mayhew in episode 7. Jonnas has now played Chewbacca in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Solo, and Rise of Skywalker. Joonas is very enthusiastic about playing the character and would love to keep playing him as long as there are movies to be made. It’s all on you know Joonas.

In Solo, the chemistry with Han and Chewy was there. I loved seeing how they met, how they became brothers, the mannerisms, and how they fed off each other. Chewy showed he wasn’t just this raging monster, he is a bad-ass pilot. Chewy was always there to keep Han in check.

Wrapping it up, RIP Mr. Peter Mayhew, you share the heavens with our Princess Carrie Fisher and R2-D2/Kenny Baker along with all the others who have moved on to the spirit of the Force. Through fiction, I have found something real.

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